This user interface allows access to the knowledge library with the web browser. The access offers the same content, media and functions as the soluzione42 App.


With the soluzione42 Web user interface, your employees can access the content of the soluzione42 Bib knowledge library via the Web. This is possible with a current web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer. Access to the knowledge library via soluzione42 Web offers the same learning content, media formats and functions as the soluzione42 App. The web-based self-help environment for Evergreen-IT is also based on the user’s demand, knowledge level and personal learning preference.


Quick overview
The comprehensive training material is available in numerous versions: animated films with interactive exercises, written tutorials, Compact Guides (click film and click path), semantic search, interactive Migration Help, most frequently searched solutions, related topics and much more. This is what the homepage of soluzione42 Web looks like:
Different media formats
Depending on your learning preferences, you can display the knowledge content in different ways. The available media formats are displayed in the form of colored round icons when you move the mouse over a Learning Unit.
Animated film
The animated film consists of three parts: „What it‘s about“, „Learning“, „Now it‘s your turn“.
Training document
The training document contains step-by-step instructions with a high level of detail, screenshots, shortcuts and tips.
Compact Guide
Click films and click paths including shortcuts give you a quick overview.
Related topics
The knowledge contents are linked via metadata records. This way, related and advanced content that fits your task is also offered. You can also use the Tag Cloud as an inspiration to explore additional features.
The player
The player shows educational films with sound and interactive exercises. What it’s about This part of the film describes a typical problem. A specific example illustrates the function’s main purpose. Duration: 10 to 15 seconds. Learning: This part of the film demonstrates the function. You are shown click-by-click how to solve the given problem. Practice: “Now it’s your turn.” This interactive part presents a problem for you to solve. If you make a false step, you receive a message.

Explore more

The extensive, continuously updated and expanded knowledge library contains all the learning content of your company: standard content, company-specific content and use cases.
The simple and intuitive app interacts seamlessly with supported applications such as Office 365, Microsoft productivity tools and Windows.
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