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soluzione is more - more than just excellent employees, more than just one country

Our Culture - the soluzione Team

To really make a difference, change starts in the mind and lives in communicative collaboration. That's why we're particularly good at thinking through complex systems and translating them into sustainable solutions.


We have respect - for each other and for our customers. This is reflected in the way we communicate, how we respond to different needs and how we resolve conflicts with each other. The result: a positive working atmosphere, good cooperation and high motivation.

Top Performance

Especially when it comes to innovation and ideas, we are not satisfied with midfield - we want to achieve outstanding results. This is not just a question of our skills, but also of our passion and motivation. Top performance requires constant learning, adaptation and improvement. It is no coincidence, but the result of our high standards. 

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For us, this is not just a word, but an attitude that enriches and strengthens our working atmosphere. Most of the team members have been with soluzione for a long time. This shows trust and requires honesty and a sense of responsibility. 


Cross departmental collaboration instead of lone wolves. We want to achieve a common goal. Service plays an important role in this. We take care of our customers' needs and wishes - always with an eye to adding value. This is not only good for customer satisfaction, but also for a positive corporate culture.

Together for Success - Join our Team!

Our History - Milestones of Change

soluzione's history is inextricably linked to the accelerated change in everyday working life towards the Modern Workplace. Bastian Ziegler und Frank Rodà are the soluzione founders. Here is their story:

A New Idea

These days, online training and e-learning something quite common - but in 2000 they hardly existed on the German market. We got together because Frank had been running soluzione Trainings GmbH for some time, which specialized in classroom training for Microsoft. Our idea was to offer online training as well. Together we developed the concept: innovative, modern knowledge transfer and employee training for Microsoft applications - on the web and on the computer.  

As the newly founded soluzione Script GmbH we focused on new methods for skill building and developed our own learning platform: soluzione42 (the 42 as a reference to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams). In 2004, as part of a research cooperation with the LMU Munich and the FZI / University of Karlsruhe, we began an intensive examination of "computer-aided learning". Based on pedagogical guidelines, we produced the worldwide largest library on Microsoft Office with multiple learning paths: Educational films, quick references, click films and migration help. This is how we positioned ourselves as the leading e-learning provider on the market. According to Douglas Adams, we offer the answer to almost all questions. Our efforts have been rewarded with several awards: European e-learning award "EurEleA" (2007), "e-learning provider of the year 2019" and "Enterprise Workspace Award" (2019)

Internationally positioned

After this initial phase, an order from Daimler AG came with a major new requirement: learning content was to be 8 languages including Asian languages. We had to decide: do we accept this new challenge? The answer was yes! We firmly believed in the future of our concept. So the team was expanded to include many new international employees, who still make up the diverse soluzione character today. From then on, soluzione42 was able to offer its learning content alongside German and English in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese .

Always up-to-date, but how?

In the meantime, soluzione42 had established itself as a provider that reliably delivers new learning content for most Microsoft applications - whenever there was an update from Microsoft. With the introduction of the Evergreen IT for Microsoft 365 it was suddenly different: ongoing, sometimes unannounced updates. How were we as a company supposed to cope with this and continue to provide our customers with the latest learning content on time?

As it turned out, our customers had the same problem: employees, HR and IT support were overwhelmed by the constant updates. That's when we discovered an opportunity. We accelerated our production cycles and focused on creating a real Performance Support Tool with up-to-date content, an app that guides end users through their day-to-day work - always accessible for support questions and with fresh "What's new?" films.

Nothing is more constant than change

In 2020, the whole world was changed by the pandemic and digital working experienced a rapid upswing. Practically all employees working from home inevitably had to deal with Online Tools such as Microsoft Teams or Office Online. At the same time, they were on their own with the technology: Support staff only had virtual access to their PCs and face-to-face training sessions were canceled completely. We recognized this situation and produced use cases and entire courses on the topics of "remote work" and "virtual meetings" - also especially for teachers and pupils.  

Digital Fitness

The past has shown how important it is to remain adaptable. In order to keep pace with the enormous changes in the world of work, we expanded soluzione by setting up a Consulting Teams and the launch of subscription services. We now offer customers a tailor-made partnership, by combining consulting, training and e-learning. 

At the same time, we continuously strengthen our expertise in all aspects of the modern digital workplace. We are working intensively on how employees can become comprehensively and sustainably digitally fit: so that New Work and change management succeed. With HanseSecure and Next Action Partners we were able to gain strong partners and open up new subject areas, such as Security Awareness, phishing simulations (with the Report Button in Outlook) and Self Management. We have also expanded our portfolio with regard to Artificial Intelligence and Data Literacy .

Always with our mission in mind: Support companies and organizations in implementing healthy, productive and sustainable habits for their users.

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