Learning and Support
for your Evergreen IT

Microsoft 365? Evergreen-IT? Don‘t panic! – soluzione42 is the answer to almost all questions your employees may have in terms of the digital workplace. With the highly individualized user adoption service from solution, your employees can answer their own questions about Office 2016, Office 2019 and Microsoft 365.

Why is this
relevant to me?

  • Your employees spend about 72 percent of their working day with Microsoft Office applications
  • In many areas the use of office applications by end users is inefficient. New, time-saving functions are not known and are not used.
  • The digital workplace means permanent change. Your employees are continuously confronted with software updates, new tools and changed working methods and processes.
  • You need to take your end users with you. You need a qualification strategy that adequately meets the constant change.

What are the benefits of
User Adoption as a Service?

  • With soluzione42 your employees can easily keep up with your evergreen IT.
  • With soluzione42 you permanently reduce your helpdesk calls.
  • With soluzione42 you will significantly increase the productivity of your employees.
  • With soluzione 42 your employees accept the changes and are satisfied with the new software
  • With soluzione 42 you can deliver on the Microsoft productivity promise in your organisation.

How does User Adoption
work with soluzione42?

  • The soluzione42 service combines performance support and systematic learning support.
  • Self Service 24/7: Your employees answer all questions independently and learn in a self-organised and on-demand manner.
  • Access to the help environment via an innovative app or classic via a web portal.
  • Support for Office 2016, 2019, 365 and Windows 10, as well as for your individual content
  • Just-in-time updates for the Microsoft Semi Annual Channel
  • Easy to use, highly individual, many media formats, migration help, intelligent search engines
> 80% fewer calls

Because your employees answer every question regarding Microsoft tools themselves, they become independent from the help desk. Self-service 24/7!

90% usage rate

The degree of utilization of soluzione42® during deployment (commissioning of an enterprise application) is 90 %. Even after that, the learning and utilization rates remain at a high level.

Six languages

Supported languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch

The best

Seamless Integration

Support and learning takes place where the user needs the information – in the program he is currently working with. The soluzione42 app overlays the application and can be placed anywhere, for example on the left side of the application.

Adaptive semantic search

The user receives highly relevant search results, even if he does not know the search term. The intelligent search translates colloquial language into technical terminology, supports spelling correction and “auto-completion” and provides related topic suggestions based on metadata. On request, the user receives explicit search hits for the application he is currently working with.

Migration Help

Especially popular when migrating to new software: Migration Help shows users where previously familiar commands are located in the new user interfaces. After users click to a familiar command in a simulated (previous) user interface, they are shown a click-film animation that illustrates the steps to reach the function in the new user interface. Included is a compact guide with the click path.

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