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We help improve your company's digital fitness! soluzione - Your partner for peak performance in the modern workplace

Adoption Services, E-learning & Training for AI, Cybersecurity and Microsoft M365

Measurable training results for your organization

In the digital age, specialized strategies are essential to successfully address the issues that dominate everything: M365, AI and Data, Cyber Security Awareness and effective Self Management

We offer services and training methods for each of these areas, as well as a comprehensive offering for the Modern Workplace. Thanks to our holistic approach to Digital Fitness our customers particularly benefit from the many cross-connections and interdependencies between the various disciplines.

We help your organization transform digitally and protect against external threats by sustainably improving the digital fitness of your workforce!

Join us in soluzione's digital training studio:

    • We analyze your status quo,
    • Set goals and achievements,
    • Create fitness plans for employee training,
    • Provide suitable training tools,
    • Provide guidance and motivation for practice
    • and measure your progress regularly.

    With this promising combination of cutting-edge technology, customized services & consulting, and sustainable employee development, we ensure that your company is optimally prepared for the digital future.

    How can your organization benefit from souzione?

    We are convinced that digital fitness will give you a competitive advantage. The added value of a strong partnership with soluzione pays off across all departments:

    IT Department

    It couldn't be easier: M365, AI or cybersecurity - soluzione can help you roll out new applications or test cybersecurity awareness with phishing simulations. Fast support and smooth implementation guaranteed!

    Our regular content updates keep you relaxed and end users up to date. Our self-service approach takes the pressure off your help desk, and calls are answered in seconds with our share button.

    Evergreen IT, made easy!

    HR Department

    Do you want to motivate your employees to adapt to the ever-changing world of work? Is rapid onboarding a priority and must knowledge not be lost despite turnover?

    Challenges abound! With soluzione, you have a strong partner at your side to help you define goals and make success measurable.

    Training can now be planned and justified. Even in your trusted Learning Management System.

    Digital Transformation

    For a successful digital transformation, you need to be constantly updated: identify technologies, involve stakeholders in the change process, choose appropriate solutions such as AI or cloud services...

    Wouldn't it be a relief to be able to tap into the expertise of a longtime expert?

    Together, we will develop a roadmap and define individual measures and success criteria. We will guide you and monitor your progress - for continuous improvement!

    Adoption & Training Services for:

    Modern Workplace

    We help you transform to a Modern Workplace through Ad Hoc Support, continual knowledge transfer and customized Services.

    In line with the Microsoft Evergreen Update all learning content is up to date and new features have been added.

    With customizable learning portalsknowledge databases Lernnuggets für campaigns. or demand-oriented training measures, we will expand your digital competency sustainably.

    Cyber Security & Phishing​​

    We offer a comprehensive Cyber Security Awareness Strategy to arm your company against current cyber threats.

    Through targeted phishing simulations, reporting functions, recurring trainings and customer Awareness Campaigns, your employees will be sensitized for the long term.

    We complement your existing technology and infrastructure efforts with human shield stärken.

    Artificial Intelligence

    In the age of digitalization and AI, secure and efficient handling of data is critical.

    First and foremost is competence building within your workforce to impart the necessary knowledge and confidence. We'll support you in finding out which topics are relevant and which measures should be planned.

    This makes AI qualification plannable for you. 

    Self Management

    We have taken a look at well-known productivity-and self management methods Getting Things Done and added them to our portfolio.

    The goal of GTD is to organize tasks systematically, set priorities, and make work processes more efficient.

    Through the service portfolio of our cooperation partner Next Action Partners   soluzione offers trainings for integrating the GTD method –in Outlook orTo Do

    Benefits for your company

    Digital Training

    Easier Onboarding

    Increased Productivity

    Data Security & Risk Management

    80% fewer help desk calls

    Users answer questions about Microsoft tools and updates themselves. Helpdesk calls are noticeably reduced.

    90% usage rates

    During deployment, the degree of utilization of soluzione is 90%. Even afterwards, it remains at a high level.

    Increased worker satisfaction

    Thanks to clear content, efficient support and a user-friendly platform – a sustained increase in satisfaction.

    Increase your digital fitness level - one step at a time

    soluzione is your competent partner for all important future topics: Modern Workplace, Cyber Security Awareness and Artificial Intelligence. Below you can see our service matrix with the respective packages and service descriptions for each area.

    As part of our subscription models, you can book topics and combinations thereof or make use of our comprehensive service offerings in order to skillfully exploit synergies.

    We create an individual plan for your needs and determine when we focus on which topic in particular.

    We start with analysis. Whether it's a strategy workshop or regular support, the focus is on understanding where you are in the project and what applications are important.

    Together with your personal consultant, we define goals for individual target groups. We also enable simple internal communication about our learning measures.

    Then, a Communication Plan is created containing focus points as well as publication dates for individual campaign modules. Custom content can also be created if required.

    Then, the trainings begin. Release updates are automatically imported when available and news is clearly presented for you.

    Frequent performance measurements help to find out how measures are developing. Your consultant provides relevant statistical data and advises on planning further steps.

    Ideally, you should take advantage of our services over multiple cycles to ensure the ongoing development of your workforce's digital skills.

    Our topics & subscription models



    All features from Essential plus:


    All features from Professional plus:

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    Phishing Standalone



    All features from Essential plus:


    All features from Professional plus:



    All features from Essential plus:


    All features from Professional plus:

    What makes a person digitally fit?

    Soluzione Sport (2) (1)
    Communication skills

    "To make sure that the pass goes where it needs to."

    In the modern workplace, goal-oriented communication skills are more important than ever.

    A digitally fit person has a clear communication structure and moves effectively in virtual teams or when managing at a distance.

    soluzione not only supports direct collaboration, but also provides a better understanding of the tool landscape and increases user harmonization. For organizations, communication skills are the key to successful collaboration and building trust in the digital world.


    "Better equipment, new processes? Small changes make the difference".

    The dynamic world of technology forces us to constantly adapt - innovations are short-lived and decisions are often required.

    A digitally fit person ist in der Lage, mit diesem Wandel souverän Schritt zu halten.

    They are soluzione with continuous updates, news and campaign modules. This makes flexibility an essential competitive advantage for companies to actively shape the future.

    Willingness to learn

    "Top athletes are also great at practicing"

    Today's knowledge and methods may be outdated tomorrow.

    A digitally fit person recognizes the importance of lifelong learning and the need to keep pace with an ever-changing environment.

    Our soluzione toolset for self-directed learning is popular and organized in such a way that it can be integrated into everyday working life. Thanks to a high willingness to learn, companies are well prepared for today's and tomorrow's digital challenges.

    Data Literacy

    “More balls hit - higher probability of scoring”

    Every digital touchpoint generates data, but is it being used effectively and securely?

    A digitally fit person understands the importance of data literacy to AI, security, and the modern workplace.

    With soluzione they gain a basic understanding of data interpretation and classification. They know how to separate relevant from irrelevant data and protect it from misuse. For organizations, this skill is the difference between mere data collection and strategic advantage.

    Technical Understanding

    "Strength, speed or coordination? If you know the exact sequences, you know what to train".

    Technical understanding is not just about IT skills, but also about understanding the interrelationships and potential of digital tools.

    A digitally fit person weiß, wie man sich in der digitalen Welt bewegt, kennt neueste Trends und ist in der Lage, diese kritisch zu reflektieren.

    soluzione helps you apply and evaluate tools - whether in the AI Basics course, the UseCases or the Tool Compass. Digital literacy is THE key to the connected modern workplace for businesses.

    Security Awareness

    "Defense has to be strong!"

    What good is the best technology if the human shield fails?

    A digitally fit person has a strong awareness of online risks and can safely handle phishing and malware attacks.

    soluzione significantly increases cybersecurity awareness among employees and helps strengthen the culture of reporting within the organization. With this proactive security awareness, organizations are better prepared to meet the digital challenges of the future.

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