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Safely at full throttle through all the twists and turns: the soluzione AI driver's license!

Protect investments and data and comply with the EU AI Act. Together with soluzione, you can unleash maximum horsepower!

Take the wheel with our revolutionary AI driver's license

With soluzione's AI Driver's License, your employees will learn to be AI-ready. They will acquire the skills to competently use AI systems and understand the associated opportunities, risks and potential damage - always in accordance with the relevant regulations. Our e-learning courses are the first building block in our AI approach, enabling you to gain in-depth knowledge and increase your own AI readiness. Until testing is done to verify that AI knowledge has reached the workforce, however, companies should be cautious. Similar to a real driver's license, you can use it to take control of the artificial intelligence and steer it in the direction you want.

soluzione's unique solution, which has not been available on the market until now, bridges the gap between the growing requirements for AI competence with integrated tests and certificates.

soluzione AI Driver's License with Triple Added Value

Investment Protection

Minimize risk when purchasing expensive licenses


Protect your sensitive data


Comply with EU regulations

The European Parliament's new AI Act

The European Parliament's new AI Act Regulation highlights the need for our AI driver's license for businesses. According to Article 3, paragraph 56, AI competence must be defined - i.e. the ability to use AI systems competently and to be aware of the opportunities and risks. Article 4 requires providers and operators to ensure that their employees have sufficient AI competence. Our e-learning courses are specifically designed to meet these requirements and provide your staff with the necessary skills.

KI Readiness for your Business

At soluzione, we understand AI readiness as the ability of organizations to fully leverage artificial intelligence by making their workforce AI-ready: this means not only successfully using the applications, but also having a general understanding of how AI works, security aspects, and the opportunities and risks involved. With our AI Driver's License, we make your team fit for the digital future - in an interesting and practical way, with all the relevant information!

Benefits of our E-learning Courses

Fast User Activation

Easy Implementation in Daily Work

High Acceptance by Employees

Establishment of Sustainable Habits

Years of Experience

We are knowledge transfer specialists with years of experience and methodological and didactic expertise.

Learning Content Produced In-house

Without exception, all learning content is produced in-house - so you are always on the right side of copyright.

Motivating Storytelling Approach

Wir setzen auf animierte Lernfilme mit motivierendem Storytelling-Ansatz – damit Wissensvermittlung auch Spaß macht!

Theoretical Driving Test: our Tests & Certificates

Each soluzione e-learning module can be finalized by means of a test:

  • We define a fun pool of questions. From this pool, 10-15 questions are randomly selected to cover the content of each subchapter.
  • You define further test modalities. When is it considered passed? How many times can it be repeated? Is the test mandatory or voluntary?

On request, successful users receive a certificate - this motivates them and serves as proof of compliance.

Step-by-step to an AI driver's license

Our innovative training program is designed to give your employees the knowledge and skills they need to effectively deploy and use AI systems such as Microsoft Copilot. Our AI driver's license is divided into three levels. These build on each other, but can also be acquired separately. 

Working with AI

Course length: 26 mins

Copilot in Edge

Course length: 39 mins


Course length: 174 mins

Optimal integration into our AI services

Our AI driver's license is part of our extensive AI portfolio and can be easily integrated into these services. Our services include, among others:

  • Live demos on custom use of AI
  • Benefits and objectives of AI through a company-specific film
  • Use case-based training for a quick sense of achievement
  • Customized campaigns to keep your workforce up to date, create momentum and provide them with regular cheat sheets
  • Support in every phase of your AI introduction process: together we define the topics in a communication plan, ensure appropriate measures are taken and measure success.
  • Advice on the sensible acquisition of licenses.
  • Our courses on Copilot, Bing Chat & Co
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