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Master GTD®: Training for efficient self-management

Reduce stress and increase productivity for your employees

Increase your workforce's personal efficiency

In our busy, digital world, effective time and task management is critical to success. 

The Berlin-based company Next Action Partners is the leading expert on Getting Things Done® (GTD®) in the German-speaking world. Together with Next Action Partners, soluzione has supplemented the existing GTD® training courses with corresponding e-learning modules. These e-learning modules teach practical techniques for managing daily tasks and long-term projects in a meaningful way: this reduces the workload, helps to meet deadlines more reliably, and ultimately increases professional and personal satisfaction in general.

Our soluzione GTD® E-learning courses are available exclusively through the service portal of Next Action Partners and can only be booked in conjunction with regular GTD® training courses:

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Increasing productivity and efficiency with GTD®

Getting Things Done (GTD®) was developed more than 30 years ago and is considered one of the most popular and successful Self and time management methods worldwide. We will show you how this concept can be successfully implemented in Microsoft 365 to enable sustainable use in the enterprise.

Our goal is to significantly increase productivity and satisfaction in your organization through clear and effective implementation of the GTD methodology. 

In this way, we give your employees the tools they need to better navigate an increasingly complex world.

Your advantages

  • Partnership with Next Action Partners: Guaranteed expertise through collaboration with the leading provider of GTD®trainings and coachings
  • Comprehensive film content: Our video tutorials show practical applications of the methodology in M365 - in Outlook or To Do. This content makes GTD® tangible and helps anchor the learned knowledge in everyday life.
  • soluzione Learning World: You get access to our extensive learning world and thus to more than 3,000 learning videos on Microsoft 365 topics. This facilitates a seamless and effective implementation of GTD®-Methode in Ihre Geschäftsprozesse.


GTD is a globally recognized self- and time-management method that has been around for over 30 years. It helps you increase productivity and efficiency in your organization by providing you with clear and effective methods for managing your tasks.

By implementing GTD methods into your business processes, you can significantly increase productivity and satisfaction in your organization. You give your employees the tools they need to better navigate an increasingly complex world. 

It includes in-depth live training from our partner Next Action, video tutorials on how to apply the method in M365, and access to the M365 Learning World with over 3,000 video tutorials on other M365 topics. 

You can book the offer via the Next Action Partners service page. Further information and the booking link can be found here. 

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