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soluzione Services for M365 - Make sure your company is at the top of its game!

Ease the burden on your help desk, increase productivity, and stay in touch-even with Evergreen IT.

Just imagine...

Reduce your helpdesk calls for good, keep your employees up to date with M365 Evergreen IT, and increase productivity across your organization.

Whether you work in IT, HR, or management, our Modern Workplace and M365 offerings give you powerful tools. They enable you to efficiently deliver training across your organization and create lasting change in the way people work.

Your Advantages:

  • Customize learning content for your organization: Standard content, company-specific content, or use cases - always up-to-date with regular updates.
  • Self-service user interfaces: 24/7 support for all Microsoft features and questions, optimized for all types of devices.
  • We support your migration process and provide you with a customized change strategy to ensure a successful transition to the new digital workplace.

Our Promises:

  • We support your users' work process in a way that is personalized and saves them time.
  • You'll receive feedback: We'll help you plan the next steps and recommend actions to achieve your goals.
  • Our e-learning is educationally sound, suitable for all skill levels, and does not disrupt the work process. Your company will be happy to use it.

Ad hoc support & knowledge transfer in the digital workplace

With a comprehensive knowledge database and two learning portals we offer a strong foundation for your employee training. Our virtual library is customizable and can be supplemented with your own content or languages - naturally also with non-Microsoft topics such as Cisco Webex.

We can also develop content specific to your organization: CRM, ERP, proprietary software, or any other training topic.

Our content can be integrated via SCORM or LTI into all major Learning Management Systems (LMS). Or use our in-house platforms with additional functionality:

  • Different learning formats (learning films, click films and click paths)
  • Course structure and tutorials for systematic learning
  • Semantic full-text search, history and favorites
  • Expert tips with additional background knowledge
  • What's new, Recommendations, Most searched - for tailor-made learning
  • Comprehensive content such as use cases, introductory films, migration help
  • Forwarding function - for shared learning

Our Platforms

soluzione42 E-learning 3,000 micro-segmented learning units for more than 20 Microsoft applications (in 6 languages).

soluzione42 Web The modern and user-friendly interface allows access to our learning content via a web browser.

soluzione42 App Our intuitive application interacts seamlessly with the supported programs and can be used together or independently of soluzione42 Web.

Our topics & subscription models

soluzione is your competent partner for all important future topics: Modern Workplace, Cyber Security Awareness and Artificial Intelligence. Below you can see our service matrix with the respective packages and service descriptions for each area.

As part of our subscription models, you can book topics and combinations thereof or make use of our comprehensive service offerings package, to cover the entire spectrum and leverage synergies. We create a customized plan for your needs and determine when to focus on each topic.



All features from Essential plus:


All features from Professional plus:

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All features from Essential plus:


All features from Professional plus:



All features from Essential plus:


All features from Professional plus:

Our Services

Customer Success Management

Onboarding – Basis & Premium: Every customer will receive access to the Project Manager Cockpit and the soluzione Toolbox website. With Premium Onboarding, your CSM consultant will personally introduce you to our services in a live online meeting.

Introduction – Media Set and Web Session We help you communicate soluzione's adoption internally. Professional & Excellence customers also receive a live demo with experienced CSM consultants. 

Regular Support From the Professional & Excellence levels upwards, you will have a dedicated Customer Success Account Manager. Questions about available services or the contract will be answered directly.


Hosting, Maintenance & Support soluzione Script GmbH is a company based in Germany. All our learning content is hosted on our own hardware. You'll receive direct personal support from technical consultants. Release updates and patches are applied automatically when available. 

Updates & News: We produce our learning content in Microsoft Evergreen mode to match the M365 update channel as closely as possible. Our updates are typically released on a quarterly basis. 

Consulting & Campaigns

Communication Plan & Update Together with your personal consultant, you develop a communication plan in an initial strategy workshop or in consulting appointments that will be updated for months 6-12. 

Campaign Service: Your consultant uses modern workplace tools to determine which goal is to be achieved at which stage and which channel is appropriate.

Custom Animated Trailer We create custom animated trailers based on your concept or develop a suitable template in a joint workshop. The resulting movie will be animated according to your ideas and realized with audio on a text-to-speech basis.  

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Evaluate & Measure

Regular Performance Measurement: Professional & Excellence customers profit from our soluzione statistics service. Your consultant provides ein regulares reporting onr usage of soluzione42 App & Web, advises on further steps and recommends measure so you can meet your goals.


"The Modern Workplace is a contemporary work environment that uses new technologies and flexible working practices to increase the productivity and satisfaction of all employees.

soluzione offers comprehensive Trainings, consulting and technical solutions , to help companies introduce and optimize their modern workplace. 

soluzione offers a wide range of learning content - from Microsoft 365, Office 2019 and 2021, to specific tools and technologies relevant to the Modern Workplace. In addition, we also offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of a company.

Microsoft 365 is a central platform in the Modern Workplace with different applications and collaboration tools. soluzione offers specialized training and implementation services for Microsoft 365 to ensure that companies get the most out of this platform.

Yes, soluzione works closely with companies to provide customized solutions that meet the company's specific needs and objectives.

By providing flexible working methods, effective communication tools and continuous training, as offered by soluzione, companies promote a positive work culture that significantly increases employee retention and satisfaction.

Yes, soluzione has successfully supported numerous companies from various industries in implementing the Modern Workplace. You can find detailed case studies on our website or on request.

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