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The time has come: Our May release is here!

This time we’ll focus on the most important content updates for Teams and Windows 11. We’ll also dive deeper into the world of cybersecurity. In addition to more awareness training, we now also offer a brand new awareness service. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to build a human IT shield against cybercrime.

Our updates at a glance

For a detailed view of all learning modules and languages, please click here.

NEW Topic: Cyber Security Awareness: Phishing simulation and home office security course!

soluzione is expanding its non-Microsoft portfolio for the digital workplace:

"Phishing attacks are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated. Without regular training, employees are often unable to identify the latest phishing emails. With the eLearning provider soluzione, we have chosen a partner who we can share our knowledge and methods with in order to make the cutting-edge topic of cyber security awareness accessible to as many companies as possible. We advise the soluzione42 team and exchange information about important developments. The result: Together with soluzione42, you also get a piece of HanseSecure's IT security expertise.

The Cyber Security Awareness Training on Phishing launched the program. Now, starting with this release, soluzione is offering an additional 10-week training program tailored to your needs (currently only available in German):

Raise your employees‘ awareness with soluzione’s Cyber Security Awareness Training on this important topic that affects all of us in our day-to-day.

Train your employees to deal with phishing attacks and uncover security gaps in your users’ knowledge with the soluzione Phishing Simulation:

We offer you:

With this ongoing training program, you’ll gain lasting awareness and be able to respond to cyber threats with confidence.

All service modules in the Cyber Security Awareness Service can be booked individually and in addition to the existing scope of soluzione42’s Microsoft Office Services. For example, you can benefit from the phishing simulation only. 

We would like to introduce you to our Security Awareness concept. You will be amazed at how easy it is today to help your employees become security aware and avoid cybercrime. 

Contact our sales team at:

Our Microsoft 365 HIGHLIGHTS

Microsoft Teams continues to deliver exciting ways to improve collaboration and self-organization. Out of a lot of Team updates, these are our highlights:

Now you can collaborate on Excel files during a meeting

With Excel Live, you and everyone else in your meeting can work together on the same Excel file at the same time. No need for everyone to open the file first: Just share and start working!

Scheduled sending of a chat message

Do you want to send a chat message, but you know that the current time is not convenient for the recipient? Write the message anyway and just postpone sending the chat message to a more convenient time - that way your message will get the attention it needs and you won't have to think about it again.

Video message

Sometimes there are things you want to say in a more personal way, but maybe a phone call is not possible right now? No problem! Record a video message right in Teams and send it in chat.

Additionally, there are the cutting-edge features for deleting chats, calendar focus, pop-out windows for meetings, new polling features in a meeting, and sign language interpreters in team meetings. These and many other new features in the areas of meetings, calls, chats and content sharing can be found and are explained in detail in soluzione42 Web and App. For a first impression, just browse through this „What’s New“ video:

Windows 11 doesn't stop with updates - we'll walk you through all the new features

Our Windows 11 course has been running for a few months now. A lot has happened since then, so we have updated it extensively. This time, the updates mainly concern the Explorer and taskbar areas. But we haven’t forgotten about focus sessions, live captions, new snap functions, new webcam and task manager settings, and Smart App Control!

Tabs in Explorer

You can finally work with tabs in Explorer. The familiar [Ctrl]+[T] shortcut also works! Another new feature in Explorer is the Start pane, where you can now find Quick Access.

The new taskbar features

The new taskbar features will help you organize your Start menu and taskbar.

The new Focus Times

Blocker, focus, or creative time often has to "compete" with other appointments or chat requests. Make your life easier and take advantage of the new Focus Times. Use them to create times when you will not be disturbed.

You can find the Windows 11 innovations in Explorer in this „What’s new“ video:

UPDATES: To Do, OneDrive for Windows 10 & 11 and Office

…and a few more updates to the To Do list, OneDrive for Windows 10 and 11, and Excel, PowerPoint, and Word 365 courses – take a journey of discovery…

An overview of what's new in existing courses

  • What´s New in Teams?
  • What´s New for Meetings?
  • What´s New for Chats and Channel Posts?
  • What´s New for Sharing Content?
  • What´s New for Calls?
  • Changes to the Activity Feed
  • New design for app updates
  • Use any emoji as a reaction
  • Include a file from OneDrive or another team as a tab in your channel
  • Revised webinar feature
  • Create a team from a template
  • Integration of Loop components with Microsoft Whiteboards
  • Delete and rename files in a channel
  • Calendar focus for today and tomorrow
  • New pop-up meeting window
  • Access meeting notes
  • Include apps in channel meetings
  • App polls
  • Instant polls in the Polls app
  • Webcam video filter
  • New control bar in ongoing meetings
  • Browse large and small gallery
  • Sign language interpretation in meetings
  • PSTN subscribers in group rooms
  • Play games during meetings
  • Add a person to a group chat using @mention
  • Filter chats
  • Improved search for chat content
  • Delay sending a chat message
  • Chat with the M365 group or members of a mailing list
  • @mention the team owner
  • Smart suggestions for chat partners
  • Video messaging
  • @mention all members of a group chat
  • Zoom in PowerPoint Live
  • Excel Live
  • More detailed call history
  • Call back missed calls directly from the Activity Feed
  • Working with tabs in Explorer
  • The start area in Explorer
  • Nearby sharing
  • New features for snap layouts
  • Focus session
  • Settings for webcams
  • New live subtitles
  • Smart App Control
  • Changes to widgets
  • New features for Task Manager
  • Group applications together in start menu
  • Customize the layout of the start menu
  • Adjust volume by scrolling
  • Any number of apps in the taskbar
  • Drag & drop in the taskbar
  • What is Spear-Phishing?
  • What is Quishing?

All learning contents at-a-glance

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