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Self-service for the Digital Workplace of the future: the soluzione42 Lib encompasses a knowledge database that contains the answers to nearly all questions that your employees may encounter during their work at their digital workplace.


The short name „Lib“ stands for „Library“. The knowledge library soluzione42 Lib is the central database in which all learning content of your company is stored. You determine which content is stored here:

Prefabricated standard content

For example, learning content for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, Yammer, Planner etc.. With more than 2,000 learning units for Microsoft 365 and Windows 10, the soluzione42 Lib is the most comprehensive knowledge library for Microsoft software.

Company specific content

For example, advanced learning content on your specially configured Windows and Microsoft 365 or learning content on other topics such as Cisco Jabber, SAP or your CRM system. soluzione develops learning content tailored to your company’s specific requirements, for example for CRM or ERP, for proprietary software or for any other employee qualification topics – in the languages of your choice.

Individual Use Cases

You guide your users systematically through the individual steps of typical company processes.

Each learning unit in the soluzione42 Lib consists of a media set: Depending on their learning preferences, your users can choose between click paths, interactive migration help, a learning film with sound, interactive exercises, learning material in PDF format and quick reference. The contents of soluzione42 Lib are continuously expanded and updated by soluzione Script. This means that your employees will always receive the latest learning content for all program updates within your Evergreen IT.

Your company has international locations? No problem. The user interface and standard learning contents of soluzione42 Lib are available in seven languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. We are happy to produce other languages on request.

The backend soluzione42 Lib feeds two frontends: the native soluzione42 app and the web user interface soluzione42 Web.

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The easy and intuitive to use app interacts seamlessly with supported applications such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft productivity tools and Windows.

This user interface allows access to the knowledge library with the web browser. The access offers the same contents, media and functions as the soluzione42 App.

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