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The time has come: Our next Evergreen release for August is ready for you!

What have you done for your digital fitness today? For instance, are you familiar with Cameo in PowerPoint Live? Or how to manage the disabled Wiki tab in Teams? Or did you know that the FindTime app has a brand new name? With soluzione42 you’ll find the answer at the touch of a button.
We also have the latest news from our developers: soluzione42 has some nice features in store for you! Discover them below.

Our updates at-a-glance

For a detailed view of all soluzione42 learning modules in the available languages – divided into Microsoft and non-Microsoft portfolios – click here.

News from the Cyber Security Awareness training series (non-Microsoft): Password security and IT security in the office

In addition to our existing custom phishing simulation service and our phishing and home office security courses, we are now adding office security and password security to our offerings.
Ever heard of brute force attacks or credential stuffing? No? You can change that with our new Password Security & MFA course. You will also learn everything there is to know about IT security from the user’s point of view, especially in the workplace.
Watch one of our videos to learn how to detect acute threats on your device (currently only available in German).

Curious? Go on a journey of discovery into the world of soluzione42 Cyber Security Awareness and let us tell you everything you need to know about this topic on our specially created information page (only in German available):

Or you can learn more about our Cyber Security Awareness offerings in a one-on-one meeting. Our sales team is always available at

You’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to get your employees up to speed on IT security issues and reduce cybercrime.

Technical upgrade for soluzione42

soluzione42 makes learning easy

Learning opportunities should be tailored to your needs and easily accessible. soluzione42 is your specialist for this and creates added value with this innovation: The new end slide for learning films and quick references proposes further recommendations that fit your topic. For relevant topics, you can even get the best tips in summary form.

Take a look and see for yourself.

Advanced accessibility in soluzione42 Web

Not only do we have a comprehensive course on accessibility in the digital workplace, but your digital learning assistant soluzione42 Web also supports you with accessibility. For example, our web interface can be controlled directly from your keyboard, or alternative text displays can be used for controls.

soluzione42 optimizes responsive design & learning for smartphones

With the full implementation of responsive design in soluzione42, controls, layout and navigation adapt to the current interface (desktop or mobile) – no more cut off text or missing buttons. For great usability everywhere. In addition, it is now possible to use the touch interface in soluzione42 Web on mobile devices such as smartphones.

Other features available by the current release:

  • Simplified navigation: Breadcrumb in soluzione42 Web
  • Further development of the SCORM export format: Favorites, accessibility, search and offline version
  • Learning Pathways Package Generator

New course: Microsoft Bookings is here

We now have the Microsoft Bookings App course in our catalog! Simplify your booking processes: From customer appointments to employee training to event reservations, Microsoft Bookings makes it easy to get organized. Bookings integrates with your personal Microsoft 365 calendar, so you can quickly find available appointments. Bookings saves you time in scheduling!
In 28 new learning units, we take you step-by-step through how to use this app.

Our Microsoft 365 HIGHLIGHTS

Microsoft Teams will once again offer exciting opportunities to improve collaboration and self-organization. These are our current Top 3:

Rescue data from the wiki

You may have gotten some questions about this: What about Wikis in Teams Channels? What to do? soluzione42 shows you how to deal with this change.
Click here for video

Even more possibilities in PowerPoint Live

Now you can fill the cameo placeholder with your webcam video during a live PowerPoint presentation.
Click here for video

Settings for incoming calls

Finally, you can specify what to do with an incoming call during a meeting.
Click here for video

Outlook is (still) indispensable in the Modern Workplace. In the future, Outlook Online and Outlook Desktop will become more similar as Microsoft continues to provide a unified email client for all systems.

For example, the module bar with email, calendar, etc. is now located in the upper left corner of Outlook 365 instead of at the bottom. Stay up to date with soluzione42 and look forward to the updated Outlook 365 course.

FindTime is now scheduling polls

You may have noticed that the popular FindTime scheduling add-in for meetings is now called Scheduling Polls in Outlook. In addition, FindTime is no longer a separate application, but integrated into Outlook as a feature. Use the „Respond with scheduling poll“ button.

Other UPDATES: OneDrive Online, OneNote Desktop App and Windows 11 and 10

OneDrive Online Updates

The OneDrive Online interface has been updated. We'll show you where to look - for example, the menu bar has changed a lot and with it the position of the buttons, copy, delete, etc. Check out the updates in OneDrive for Windows 10 or Windows 11.

OneNote Desktop Updates

The design of the OneNote Desktop application has changed slightly, but the content has not. We have updated all relevant learning units for you.

Windows Updates

Windows 11 will now be updated regularly. The new features are called "Moments". In soluzione42 you will find the most important updates. We have extended the Windows 10 course with some new learning units.

Interested in our new release?

Contact our IT support at

An overview of what's new in existing courses

  • What’s new in teams in general?
    • New layout for the files area
    • Pop-out window for the Visio app
    • The new help app in Teams
    • Speaker Coach (so far only available in English)
    • Wiki no longer available in channels
  • What’s new in meetings?
    • Schedule offline meetings in teams
    • Snapchat Filter for video feed
    • Greenscreen
    • Cameo in PowerPoint Live
    • New meeting view: „Speaker“
  • What’s new for calls?
    • Call received during another call
    • New option for delegates
  • The files area
  • Export Wiki to OneNote
  • Plan a Teams meeting
  • Background and video effects for your webcam
  • Greenscreen
  • PowerPoint Live
  • Call received during another call
  • Set up a meeting in Teams for someone else
  • Open and close the Explorer
  • Navigate in Explorer
  • Window layout and file views in Explorer
  • Settings for Explorer
  • Create folder
  • Rename files and folder
  • Copy files and folder
  • Move files and folders
  • Delete files and then restore
  • Filter files
  • Sort files
  • Group files
  • Search for files and folders
  • Compress and unpack files
  • Create shortcuts
  • Password security
  • Safety at the office
  • What is Bookings?
  • When does it make sense to use Bookings?
  • Bookings vs. Bookings with me
  • A well-maintained Outlook-calendar as a prerequisite for using Bookings
  • Access Bookings
  • The role concept in Bookings
  • Create a split booking page
  • Share and preview a booking page
  • Make changes to a booking page
  • Customize business information
  • Set up or adjust a service
  • Booking page calendar
  • Manage bookings
  • View booking calendar
  • Change or cancel your own bookings
  • Make a Bookings appointment with Teams
  • Edit booking page employees
  • Enter bookings manually
  • Access to Bookings with me
  • Set up meeting types
  • Customize meeting type later
  • Share and preview meeting type
  • Share and preview complete personal booking page
  • Cancel bookings
  • Change banner image for your personal booking page
  • Disable personal booking page
  • Add employees to a booking page later
  • Remove employee from booking page

All learning contents at-a-glance

For an overview of all soluzione42 learning units in all available languages, please open the list. You’ll also find the additional non-Microsoft training series here.

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